Our Services   

BVP takes your idea from concept to final production, rendered in your preferred video format. Whether you have a completed screenplay ready for shooting, or merely a concept that needs to be fleshed out, our professional and competent staff will provide you with the services necessary in order to bring your project to fruition.

Our Services include:   

- Screen writing, if necessary;
- Assembling of experienced director and crew;
- Provision of talented actors;
- Film editing, including special effects, if required;
- Final film in customer-preferred video format.

Our process is threefold:

Step 1: You would submit your concept proposal (preferably in screenplay or script format) to us by email, but only after prepaying our review fee of US$50 as detailed on our "Your Project" page. We shall treat your submissions with the utmost confidentiality, and submission to BVP will help to ensure that your screenplay/script is date and time stamped for copyright protection purposes. Kindly limit your initial proposal to no more than 50 pages. If your concept proposal interests the BVP ownership, we will respond with a projected production cost quote;

Step 2: If we accept your project proposal, we will discuss your project in greater detail with you and hopefully negotiate a contract for the production;

Step 3: Your production will be filmed upon receipt of fifty (50%) per cent of the contract price. The balance will be payable after you have been supplied with a thumbnail version of the completed film, and the final version is ready for delivery.

Our Prices:

Prices range from a minimum of US$2,000 for a very basic ten minute video to tens of thousands of dollars, for a more complex production. Costs are negotiable depending on what rights we retain, if any, with respect to the marketing of the resulting video. Such Non-Exclusive arrangements can reduce the costs of a film by thousands of dollars.

Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Contracts:

There are basically two categories of custom video projects:

1. An "Exclusive Project Contract" where the customer retains the copyright over the film and can market it or use it in any manner that he or she wishes. Under this type of contract, BVP only retains the right to mention their involvement in the project in order to promote BVPís production business, whereas the customer retains all other rights over the film. This is the most expensive category, since the customer pays all expenses of the production, including BVPís profit; and,
2. A "Non-Exclusive Project Contract" where BVP retains the copyright over the film and is free to market the film for profit. In this case, the customer pays all the expenses of the production, but no profit is included for BVP, who will earn its profit on the sale of copies of the film to the general public. With the Non-Exclusive contract, the customer receives his or her copy of the completed film for his or her personal use; however, the contract cost is much lower than an Exclusive Project Contract.

BVP will quote for either or both types of contracts, based on the customerís request.

Further information on the contractual terms and the production process will be supplied following payment of your review fee and receipt of your screenplay/script or concept proposal.


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