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BVP is engaged in many and varied projects, but we are interested in reviewing your proposed project too. As you know, most publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Well, it is the same in our business. Using the same analogy, publishers and editors do not read and make suggestions with respect to a manuscript without reasonable compensation. We have been inundated with proposed screenplays. We cannot consider such proposed projects any longer without compensation. So, here is our new procedure which will be coming into force shortly:

If you wish to submit your proposed screenplay or script for our consideration and/or advice, there will be an upfront charge of US$50.00 per screenplay/script. You can use the payment button below to prepay for your project review fee, or you can send us an International money order payable to "Bluestone Video Productions" in the amount of US$50.00. Once you have paid your $50 review fee, we will email your paid voucher number to you. This voucher is personal to you and only covers the review of one screenplay/script of no more than 50 pages. If your screenplay/script is longer, please visit our "Additional Pages payment page" (See link below) and make multiple payments of $20. Each $20 payment covers up to 20 extra pages. The Additional Pages payment page can also be used to pay for the review of an outline or short screenplay of 20 pages or less.

Our review will consist of the following services:

1. We will read the screenplay/script and advise as to whether or not we are interested in producing the project, together with our projected cost of production if we are interested in producing the project;

2. We will critique the screenplay/script if we are not interested in producing the project, and advise you as to suggested changes that will improve the screenplay/script as well as various markets that might be interested in your project;

3. We will provide other suggestions that we feel are appropriate under the circumstances.

Our fee will be considered fully earned once we provide the above information, whether or not we are interested in the project. So, the question that you have to ask yourself is: "Is my screenplay/script good enough to incur a $50 review fee?" If not, we suggest that you re-write, edit and polish it, until it is worthy of consideration by a production company, whether it be BVP or another company.

For Our Security, Privacy and Refund Polices, use the links below:

1. Security and Privacy Policies

2. Refund Policies

The following payment methods are available:

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